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    We will be working on milti-ship tactics, at night, and weapons deployment.
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    We're going to continue to train with the 2/82 with insertions, covering tactics, and CAS for ground troops.
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    We will practice escorting UH-60's into LZ, and simulate providing air support for ground troops.
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    Please feel free to conduct training on anything you need work on.
  5. until
    We will be unofficially training with the FCR and it's various imperfections.
  6. until
    Two part training. We will start out talking about the setting up, and the use, of our DL system. We can also talk about its limitations, and how/when we can use it. Second, tonight I’d like our IP’s to start getting everyone who’s not CPG qualified to start doing so.
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    We will arm up and respond to multiple different mission types, with multiple different target types, as training for multi ship tactics and weapons employment.
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    We will review different types of night vision systems, brief a flight, then conduct a coordinated flight utilizing different night vision systems.
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